Christ Jesus "FIRST" Spoke Words of A LIFE EVER-LASTING!  (John 8:51)

A Common Faith Christian Couple we are since 3/1964  A.D.

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In our beginning GOD Created Humanity, to live life on Our Home Planet Earth As "One" Spiritual Family Unit. 

In Our Creator's Instruction Manual, Our Holy Bible, in  Gen. 1: 26-28 O.T. "IN THE TORAH" as we understand

(our 1st 5 books in the Holy Bible were to be written by Moses). "In The TORAH" or O.T. is found 'Literally' the

"Original or an Historical Documentation Needed to be a Faithful Believer in what we believe in as Creation. It's

Our Creation's "ONLY" written record that can "Truly" logically explain (Our God's Creation) and the mystery 

of how Humanity came into existence as God's forever inhabitants of our Home Planet Earth. But it was In the

New Testament as some of those more "inquisitive" of "All" Religious the leaders in JESUS' days on Earth, had

questioned where Jesus Christ had received or if you will, where did he gain such a great deal of knowledge 

about our Living Divinely by the Breath of life that God only has breathe into us, when we are born. (John 1:1-5,  

Genesis 1:26-28 and 2:7) How dare any of US doubt this to be a "FACT" of life today 3 A.D. Millenniums later in 

our New Age Days of TODAY when Jesus Christ in his own time of living his OWN Faithful Human Life on our

God's Created for all of Humanity's Earth confirmed "IT" to people most critical of God's "NEW WAY" to-be-sure,

nearly 2018 A.D. years ago and there isn't "1 PERSON" in this present age (within our 3rd A.D. Millennium year;   

2018 A.D. years after he lived) that needs to 'Question' or doubt that he surely intensely studied "THE TORAH".   

The Torah as it was first written by Moses and where it's first revealed to US as God's Creation of Humanity; 

it's the source that verifies Jesus Christ's statement in our 3rd chapter of John where he answers Nicodemus' 

comical-like question with common sense logic, as he spoke of a "soulful human beings" 2nd birth or as most in

Christianity understand it as (Our being Born-Again in Christ's "Divine" Spirit  to live our lives Christ-Like) on our

God's Creation, of Our Home Planet Earth! (John 3: all especially line 4) We might think that Nicodemus was

at first himself, trying to trick Jesus in his Words, but hadn't he completely forgotten what God as All Humanity's

Creator told Adam as 1st male and Eve as 1st female of Created mankind in the 1st O.T. Book; in Gen. 1:28-31,

all-the-while revealing to all of our Created Humanity in Genesis 4: 1; how men and women populate 'OUR' Earth!  

Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ reminding, Israel's teacher Nicodemus; that  our Creator God Created us

physically male and female in order for us to populate and physically inhabit our "Created" Home Planet, Earth.  

But without our experiencing what is our second birth we'd never understand what it means to live as a child of

God within God's Spiritual Kingdom on our Created for all Humanity's Earth. (John 3:5)  Believing that Jesus 

Christ "IS" our "BROTHER" as we live as brother's and sister's in our Christendom; and that he as our Creator 

God's very first and only begotten "SON" is a literal "FACT" of life forever never to be questioned by anyone of 

US as his "Faithful Following Fellowship" and as we're his Brethren as "Created" Human "Souls".  All of US are to

live the Christ-like-life-style, as Faithful Citizens of God's Kingdom (JESUS' Christendom on Earth) as it is today 

known to be, as Jesus "WAS" our Creator God's 1st child of our "DIVINE" Family to live on EARTH! Living Proof,

JESUS CHRIST "IS" (Luke 2:12) and forever will be for US as FAITHFUL BELIEVERS (Rev. 19:7-9, 22:10-17) that

Sacred Marriage Unions are our Heavenly Father God's plan to procreate US as God's Spiritual Family on Earth.

Jesus Christ "IS" (God's Begotten Son) as Our God's very first born in our Heavenly Father's Spiritual Family. He, 

Jesus Christ, and his living of his life on our Created Earth, was to begin our Heavenly Father God's choosing of us

in OUR God's WORLD-WIDE KINGDOM to become Children of God, living Today all over Our GOD'S Created World; 

(and not just US Christians who are and have been for 2018 A.D. years attending a brick and mortar, if you will kind 

of four walled structure) or some Labeled Christian Church or any kind of a man-made structure we call OUR GOD'S

HOUSE as a "FAITHFUL" Believer living life as a member in the (BODY) of Christ (Romans 12: All) which is supposed 

to be what we believe to be the actual meaning (though Paraphrased by CFUSAONE) of what Saint Paul (Our FIRST)

so-to-speak POPE wrote about in Acts 17:22-34 esp. 24-28. Certainly St. Paul "Believed" what 'Jesus Christ' said in

Matthew 17:22 & 23 & in Mark 14:58; when on trial for what was known to be Blasphemy in his day. (John 10:30-42)

Being Loyal and Faithful Citizens of Our LORD JESUS', God's Christendom Today. Christians: We are to Believe

what Jesus said: within John 3: 6, that "Flesh" gives birth to Flesh (our Physical flesh and blood birth which surely

comes -- first) and Spirit gives birth to Spirit (our very own Divine birth which is - our second or in FACT "our very

own Born Again" experience). Sherie &all through-out Our now 53 Christmases spent together, as of this past 2017

A.D. --- one---through each one of them---we "Believed" we've been Soul Mates -- "United" in "Our" Holy Matrimony

as Common FAITH Christian's, in our OWN Common Faith Christian Couple's Ministry, for THE "Specific Purpose"

of communicating that Sacred Marriages is OUR God's "PERFECT" way to continue populating God's "FAMILY UNIT" 

on our Created "GOOD" for ALL Humanities Earth, as OUR "FOR-EVER" HABITANCY! (John 6:51 and 14:16-21) THEY

of "THE" Worldly Hated me first Jesus said! (John 15:18-19) Why? Hopefully your (Created Soul's) answer is found

within those final seven lines of scripture in John 15. (Marriage Equality) given Legally to "same-sex" (couples) has 

stirred-up many unhealthy emotions -- within many human heart's. Even men and women marriages aren't considered

to be a Sacred Union these days between a man and a woman. But at no time, at least, during our Christian Couple 

Ministry's battle of touting that all Faithful Christian Marriages will always remain Sacred in God's watchful eyes, was animosity to be directed towards even one of the 5 magistrates who ruled against US & a majority of Christian believers;

in our USA'S Supreme Court by a so narrow 5-4 decision Legalizing same-sex marriage, within all 50 of our United States

in sadly that Summer of June 2015 A.D. Still we believe surely, it was really a very 'BAD' morality judgment call, and will 

eventually cause more dysfunction, even in our known Today, Modern Day "Straight" Family's units. It would seem to 

us in our own little Mom and Pop -- Christian Couple Ministry of nearly 37 years that a Bad decision (A Bad Judgment) 

was made mainly because of ignorance of Scripture. (Matthew 24:15) So much of our Sanctity, what's ordained a Godly instituted Marriage Union even in America today --- between a male and female is devaluated, due to America's social culture & family values going down a steep sadly declining slop, because as deceived late in our 6th & thus far--through

most all 18 A. D. years of our 7th Millennial many person's are no longer believe that Sacred Marriage Unions are only between a man & a woman to increase "Humanity's" population. Sadly many of our New Age A. D. -- late 6th and early

7th Millennial raised American Children today seem to believe as "A More-so Diversified Culture" it's what gives them 

the freedom to live their own life anyway they DAMN well please and worse for much of our World's Future generations 

of females is the "Sanctity in any Marriage Union" null and void if-you-will, when as a human being any female may believe that even a child in (a mother's womb) is not to have a chance at living. But our Holy Bible tells us that is where God's

Sanctification of "ALL HUMAN LIFE" really begins! (Psalms 139) Hopefully--after you have read, with some real common sense, what's written above and allow it to be stirred-up emotionally within your own heart and your Created Soul as THE

Gospel Truth of when life, every human beings, begins; Friends and Brethren of America, not one of US United in Our

Common Faith within our whole Created World; we who are Christendom citizens, all Christian's whether we'll profess

our being "A" Catholic or Protestant, as Faithfully United Christendom Citizenry; "BRETHREN" we ALL can't ever

deny Christian Marriage Unions are as "Sacred Union's" only between men and women of FAITH---as our God's

destined all of our SOUL MATE Marriage Union's to be! In our N. T. Jesus himself confirmed in (Mt.19:3-6) God

instituted marriage unions for parenthood, when we're to fully examine those scripture lines. Once again now

as our SAVIOR Jesus Christ, he'd re-confirmed in fact, that marriage unions are for God's specific purpose of  

humanity to re-produce (Genesis 1:28) & that Brethren can only be possible when (a male and a female) are to  

be united in marriage. Being Soul Mated, as we believe all men and women of Common FAITH couples are; we

are to live as citizenry of God's Christendom "TODAY"; and recognize Christian (men & woman) marriage's as

not only our Biological Way to Procreate; too Our Only  natural way to increase OUR God's (DIVINE FAMILY'S)

Membership (Each Christian Couple) procreating many to be "Hopeful" of All of Our God's Created "WORLD'S" 

future offspring (to live as TRUE Citizen's of Our God's Kingdom made present on Earth--ever since our Savior

Jesus Christ came to reclaim God's Church as it is his; our God's Own Son's "Bride" AS IT'S WRITTEN, in our 

19th chapter of every 'Holy' Bible. (Revelation 19: 7-10) Our dictionaries confirm Our "Bible's" Truth---defining

that a "BRIDE" is the "Woman" who's to be--the future wife of her loving her husband. (Gen. 2: 24, Matt. 19: 5)

There's a very strong word (cleave) used in both of our Old & New Testament--scripture quotes. When we look

it up in our Webster's deluxe dictionary 2nd edition--as the 2nd defining---that word cleave best defines what it 

means to become united in our purpose of procreating offspring to serve God through all "Natural" marriages.

Spiritually divine is our "intimate action" of copulation, as Faithfully United in Marriage Couples. So why is it in

our United States Supreme Court's system of justice to have been determined by a 5-4 narrow vote with four of 

America's judges leaning towards 'totally' accepting all same-sex marriages as their LAWFULLY right judgment 

call. And the 5th (Antonin Scalia) through his dissenting opinion, sounding the "Alarm" that legalizing same-sex

marriage in America would be a threat to America's own system of social democracy. In fact when reading Judge

Scalia's dissent with any kind of common sense he does confirm that God is first as ruler in his own life as well as

God should be for some 320 million American's from the East to West, coast-to-coast as he wrote in his dissent. It

seems he-himself realized that a redefining of marriage to include same-sex couples is proof enough that America's

socially (MORAL) culture was in decline especially when same-sex marriage was to become legal; the rule of LAW

for All our Nation's Family unit's in 50 United States. Is this deception deemed reasonable in our USA'S Courts? 

In America are liberal politicians going to be allowed to topple our God's solid rock foundation, our Christendom? 

It is a fact our Natural Marriage Unions ARE the only way known even 'TODAY' of increasing our God's Spiritual 

Family's membership numbers! It being determined by humanity's Creator God---our "Heavenly Father" of our

LORD Jesus Christ, in the beginning of our instruction manual, as our Christian Couple Ministry believes it to

be for all of us Brethren! You may ask at this point just how can we "really" be certain (still in our New Age 7th Millennium) times that "Marriage Unions" between men and women (literally) are Our "Only" way of increasing 

our Kingdom's family membership numbers too? Surely it's only by our (a man and a woman's coming together) 

to make love---copulate---as defined in our dictionaries. It's by our human species actions of sexual intercourse 

that we procreate our own family offspring--to increase  not only our own family units numbers--but in our case

of living life as soul-mates for our life-time together; it's through our sanctified men & women of FAITH marriage 

unions which are Blessed by our Creator God. Every one of our male and female marriage unions are designed by  

humanity's Creator not only as our physical, and natural, but too our only way to keep-on filling God's Kingdom on

our Created Earth with decent (self respecting) individual human "SOULS"! (Rev. 22:14,15 and 17) In the mean-time

until we can recoup our kind of Blessed marriage unions in a more Diversified Liberalized Secular World's System, 

of what is or isn't natural when couples come together (a pun is intended--when thinking about what Biologically is 

taking place in a male and females anatony) to produce a child when we'd  become intimate. With that said Christian Fellowship U.S.A. would only HOPE as we are Christian's today, & all citizens of God's Kingdom--that as gracefully 

Blessed parents TODAY in America,  it our real hope that these words (GOD "SHED" HIS GRACE) sung in our GOD 

BLESS American song--our America the Beautiful HYMN. Let's hope legalizing same-sex marriage hasn't caused our Heavenly Father, our Creator God, to void his blessing of  grace given to all of our Faithful American Married Couples

in all 50 United States of America...literally take from all of us as Faithful Covenant couples in every World Nation too;

the present tense from our word (SHED) as to become, not any longer blessed in our 7TH Millennium. Our assurance

that  our only true GOD won't! (Heb. 1:1-14, 2:1-4 N.I.V.) So for the sake of all of God's Kingdom Citizens we pray: May 

God have mercy on us and all of our Nation's leaders who sadly manipulated -- our Highest Court System in America

legalizing same-sex equality in marriage by a narrow if you will 5-4 decision as like it could be in anyway shape or form 

physically as natural, as those of every-one of our male and female marriage unions. Sadly, our USA'S Supreme Court

voted to allow same-gender marriage even when brethren in our world-wide Kingdom of God find it to be offensive firstly

not just according to Mt. 24:15 written in our Holy Bible, but in fact secondly as written within our USA'S Constitutions Preamble--when we view that our posterity means, future generations of children that GOD will shed grace needed to liberate their Soul's. (2 Cor. 3:17) Our God insures justice prevails (Mt. 12:18) not only for us living today in America

but for all our World's posterity (all OUR future offspring).  Offspring, same-sex couples married or not---will never

procreate naturally together, even though they have been  granted marriage as legal, in all of our 50 United States. 

Only Sacred Natural Couple Marriage Unions---can and will in our present age---preserve our Nation's Blessed 

Perfect Unions--not this virtual slap in our face law that many Americans politically and religiously view as BAD

for our future structuring of God's divine family because it's the abomination (Mt. 24:15) that'll eventually remove

or to use a Biblical term De-sanctify all Marriage Unions, abolishing morality as the only, the most righteous way

to live-life in God's Christian family unit on Created Earth. Sanctified (Morally Straight if you will) Marriage Unions, 

are the way (we God's Creation of humanity) can actually increase in our God's Spiritual family's numbers. It's the 

only way God's Kingdom can increase in its membership brethren, and the only way to continue to increase in our

Divine Christian Family's numbers is to stand our ground & maintain our stance that: all Natural marriages, actually 

are between 2 individuals (a man and a woman) who will commit to being faithful life-time soul-mates. A pact made

together that no man nor woman is able to break-up. But only GOD! (Matthew 19: 1-12, Mark 10: 1-12) Jesus came

into God's Created for humanity's World some 2016 A.D. years ago fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah, and too, for a

specific purpose. (1 Jn. 2:1-14) What was his Godly sent specific purpose? To depose Satan's dominion over our

lives on our Created for all humanity's Earth, since that Evil angel LUCIFER caused Eve 1st & then Adam the 1st

of Mankind, the first husband and wife couple, to lie and fall out of God's Graciousness of "living life" in all of its'

fullness. Satan "TOLD" the 1st of Created HUMANITY that even though God had breathe new life in them, still they

were composed of only pure flesh and blood--like every other animal or mammal that God had re-Created before

God Created--as God's very best workmanship our own human species of humanity. (Genesis Chapter 3 and to

offer a few more N.T. scriptures as proof Matthew 4:1-17, Matthew 12:22-29, Luke 10:17-24 and Revelation 20:1-3)  

So brethren of both today's Judaism and of Christianity especially within this Modern Day and Age...if we are to 

"doubt" or in fact even if denying that he was ever born (no matter on which day it may've been on---but on that 

first A.D. year Christmas Evening) even as a "part-time" practicing Christian we're to be pitied more than any, to

be sure, non-believer. (1 Corinthians 15: 12-49)  It is for the sake of Christ's very own SPIRIT imbued within both

of us as a common faith Christian couple--that we aren't being swayed to deny...that right from our very first ever

Christmas evening spent together in 1964---through to this past one of 2016 A.D. that we'll continually proclaim

that we are blessed within our very own marriage Union by our keeping Christ in the center of our relationship. It

is Christ that teaches us how to communicate our LOVE for one another as ever-lasting...That is what all Christian

Couples are commanded to do in our New Testament. It's what's strengthened our own "Union" all 52 years to this

past Christmas evening together--My Love--My Soul Mate my Lovely Wife. Being assured in our own "belief" that we

(Sherie and I) weren't just walking aimlessly--sort of like (wondering--if you will) through our soul-mated marriage

life together from our beginning of its' BLESSED UNION! We can honestly state our case that we have and we will

always believe that our very own common Faith Christian marriage union was from day one, surely Blessed of God. 

It was then for us, it surely is "TODAY" and now is for all of God's one & only Fellowship Church" FOR COUPLES


LIFE-TIME"! (2 O.T. Scripture Quotes--Psalms 2:7-12 and Ps. 95:7-11) (1 N.T. Heb. 3:7-11 for our New Age 3rd A.D.

Millennial CHURCH) TODAY BRETHREN, ALL JEWS and GENTILES please hear our Creator Gods' insuring us, in 

the belief that men & women faithful soul-mate marriage unions only are ellgible through our common "FAITH" to    

be Sacred Institutions. Truly they'd be for men & women couples of "Faith" who still believe in our Creator God of 

all Creation. But more-so especially for us Christians too believing that Sacred marriage unions (between a man &

a woman) is designed---from humanity's very beginning by our Heavenly Father and Creator God--for humanity's 

process of procreating offspring to populate our Earth. It sadly is unimaginable to visualize that no marriage union

would be thought of as HOLY even for all God's Faithful men & women of our "Christian Church's Congregation"

like was prophetically trumpeted & written in (Mt. 24:15). So for Sherie and I of Christian Fellowship U.S.A. to help

quell all senseless hateful animosity on both sides of this social issue & retain marriage as a Sacred rite--especially 

for all common Faith Christian Couples is why we've built our own Vista-Print website. So much more an effort it has

been to be built by us personally through some worse of our harassing us times for us to convey to all of you in our

general public, our truly "Sincere Testimony" and mostly for all who are professing to be sacredly married Christian

couples whom too do believe that our instruction manual the "Holy Bible" from Genesis to Revelation reveals our

Creator GOD and too--God as our Heavenly Father of our LORD and Savior Jesus...Jesus Christ of Nazareth as the

only human being ever to be revealed as God's begotten Son. He Christ Jesus by his spirit alive in us destines us 

to living life together totally committed within 'A' Sacred Covenant--For Life! By our Lord GOD'S Blessing as we

believe it in our Marriage--in fellowship we're committed to live-life together--a husband & a wife--reverently! With

my Catholic and Sherie's Methodist rearing--a Common Faith Christian Couple by what is written in a Holy Bible

as virtually our guide. We hoped to rear all our offspring rightly from the time they could understand in words--to
view---Jesus' Gospel Message---beginning in Genesis to our Revelation---as not just---a Mystical or Fanciful Kind,

of Fairy tale to be--but a guide to real abundant living--as God's lesson plan for them to live it--their life---Worthy. If 

we are those "good" Christian Parents that we'll profess to be--than all will be accomplished---our tasks as moms 

and dads will be--confirmed--when each---kid (child) can truly recall when tempted in any season of life; it's Jesus 

Christ he paid an ultimate price---being tortured to death nailed to a Cross--just for teaching us to live--righteously

liberated for heaven's sake! Knowing it wasn't just those atheistic Godless Souls & Infidels; just unbelievers back

then--they who'd tout he needs to be nailed to a wooden cross dear friends; folks too--led far off of God's course!

As Christian children of our Creator God in this New Age of Today our very own Bible answers that one hardest to 

understand--that question of--why--why he'd (our Savior Jesus Christ) why he'd go to his death on an old rugged

cross! (Jn. 16:5-15) Why surely to salvage---a dying soul of a remorseful sinner like you & I of course! If we'll have

learned the lesson our Creator God taught us---about all our moral actions--how we should mimic, Jesus Christ's

very own in our life-time---on our Planet Earth--we'll see! Jesus insured our Created soul's resting place--within a

place known as our Created heaven for all of an Eternity! By our living Life Faithfully Worthy--not as Folks Worldly!

We began our married life together on March 7, of 1964; and it became more evident that we were destined to be 

enjoined in our common faith marriage union to begin a family of our very own -- on that first Christmas Evening where 

we celebrated---our "LORD" Jesus Christ's birth together where I was stationed. Our 1st Christmas was spent together 

in a two room mostly window-less basement apartment we both brightly decorated in Cottonwood Idaho. It was in our very

first Christmas-time that we spent together; Sherie being nearly 6 months pregnant with our 1st child when we became 

enlightened to the spiritual aspect of living. It might seem like a fanatically senseless notion to some folks living in our 

New Age World of today...BUT--while on our most  joyous; on our divinely spiritual day within every A.D. year--as our

whole Christian family altogether are celebrating the birth of our God's only begotten son... That was when we first; 

being a young---newly married Christian Couple, were literally connected to the "Real Reason for our Christmas Season" 

being we too were fully aware that we were to become parents with our 1st child in our family. It was during our very 1st 

Christmas together that we began to realize---in our first Christmas celebration of our God's only begotten Sons birth 

within our Created World...That was when Sherie and I'd come to understand---though not fully during that time...that our 

purpose in God's Ministry is to share this "Common Faith Message" about OUR own marriage---as a Christian couple

realizing on our 1st Christmas together that our 1st family member's birth was to occur near to our very first years

wedding day's anniversary. It became most apparent on our very first Christmas Evening spent together---that we were 

about to begin living our life as a husband and wife (as parents) on that 1964 Christmas evening. On that very first

Christmas Evening we came to an understanding that we were going to live Faithfully together without our Marriage 

being labeled as one that  is defined as just some Catholic or even Protestant one--but just plain "OLD"

we believe we are both adherents of Christianity as Christendom Citizens living in GOD'S KINGDOM...The One and 

only Kingdom our Creator God Created for those of us in humanity saved by Jesus' truthful Gospel message through

this 7th Millennium (3rd A.D. AGE of Christianity). Both of us enlightened by the TRUTH of that FULL Gospel of Jesus

Christ, being I'm Catholic & Sherie is of a Protestant Faith. Reared in Catholicism I was; Sherie reared in Methodism!

Fact is we are all adherents to Christianity (as we all are to understand Christian doctrine) no matter what kind of a

label was, will be, or is over any-where we meet and gather together in a Christian Fellowship today!!! (Ex. 12:1-13)

It is our Creator God's New Way---as written into the New Testament, our God's WAY to draw congregants into a real 

Christian Fellowship! Example of what CFUSA means by what we stated in our previous two sentences. Since the

beginning of Creation all Humanity has longed to re-connect in our once in our life-time "Fellowship's Relationship" 

with our Creator of Heaven and Earth and "ALL" Humanity! 4000 years into man-kind's future our Heavenly Father GOD 

gave us back that connection through Jesus Christ's human life and his laying it down on the CROSS as a sacrifice once

and for all; for our (Humanity's) SINS--past, present, and future! (Matthew 23: 37-39) and (John 15: 12-17) TODAY

we aren't educated by all God's written truth--that Jesus Christ himself was exposed to in the "Torah"! But when

we are to consider the Torah is in actuality Christianity's Old Testament as we know it "TODAY". It's impossible

to deny there isn't a re-connection to our Creator GOD;  when a group of over 100 trans-denominational Biblical 

Scholars (compiled The New International Version of our Christian STUDY BIBLE). Meeting together at 1st in 1965

A.D. & after several years of exploratory study to examine all of the available text in the Hebrew, Aramaic, 

and Greek languages...they first discerned and compiled it all---so as to formulate today's Christianity's Doctrinal Truth 

as it was written for us from Genesis to Revelation into "OUR" 66 books that make-up humanity's instruction manual, the

Holy Bible that we as Christians accept as God's WORD to all in God's Creation. With that being the truth of what

we believe being a Christian Fellowship in N.H. how could anyone try & manipulate one of our own family members 

into believing that we would've been lying all along--being in our Christian family it's believed that from beginning to

end our Holy Bible is truly to be accepted as our "Virtual" guide to live life not only faithfully by, but too to help us

to live each of our own lives as a Created Soul. Fact is our Bible is the only book ever written that teaches, especially

by our mimicking a Christ-like life-style, it within the New Testament gives us the best example of how to live our

individual life on Planet Earth physically, and more-so as we become aware of our Spiritual aspect of living it---to

the fullest more all 10 moral codes of conduct as written in all 10 commandments being they teach us to

live our human lives more humanely and decently...within our Heavenly Father's own hand writing if you will, they've

been written to become something of a virtuous guide for each one of us as an individually Created Human Soul. All 

written to carry our Souls home (on the wings of what is spoken of as the speckled bird) Church in Christianity. By

us as the brethren accepting all that is written within all of our Holy Bible's 66 Books of pages as a matter of fact; we 

are insured and assured that we will enter Jesus' eternal rest with our True GOD who's the Creator of all Humanity!

(Genesis 2:2---Matthew 11:25-30---Revelation 14:12 and 13) Some of today's Pastor's are touting, even to their adult 

membership (that their ingesting of even 1 alcoholic drink) is sinful, that certainly isn't in line (so-to-speak) with much

of our New Testament scriptures (being it's our abuse of it by anyone of us people that makes it a sin) and it doesn't 

matter if it was fermented wine or not fermented grape juice that Jesus Christ used as a spiritual analogy at our Lord's

Last Passover meal---His Last Supper as it's better known as today; to usher in our God's New Covenant. The New &

now better Covenant for the repentance of SINS found only in that cup of wine shared among all of us as believers still

today; only his body was given-up and his blood was shed for the forgiveness of our, all of Humanity's Sins in place of 

an Old Covenant's Lamb's Body and Blood which wasn't any longer seen as strong enough, a sacrifice if you will, no

longer able to turn us away from committing our same sins under our Creator God's watchful eyes time and time again.

That Old Covenant Lamb's sacrifice for Sins year after year wasn't sufficient enough (Hebrews 9: 11-2) to keep 

all the brethren from falling off of our true God's morally straighter and narrower pathway that ends in a life that's been lived

at best more physically and better yet spiritually---healthy, wealthy, and wiser! Our Holy Bible warns us to beware of 

those, especially those so-called new age millennial church building pastor's who aren't building their house of worship

with a solid foundation; Jesus Christ's full Gospel message. (2 Timothy 2: 19-26)  My Catholic roots go way back to the

very beginning in my own childhood; & now with my age to be nearly 73 I never worried about my not being fully able 

to understand who Jesus Christ was when a Mass was in Latin as I was growing up...Being my grandmother on my father's

side of our family took me under her wing so to speak...and because I hadn't fully understood what a Catholic Mass was

all about, in little short---only in stature; my little French grandmother, she taught me by means of a statue

of Jesus Christ---on her dresser (Jesus' exposed, his heart dripping with blood and though she knew it was shed for all)

she my (me ma) as I would call her would softly tell me in her French accent (Junior boy as I was called) she'd say to me 

Junior boy: "always remember that "Jesus" shed his blood especially for you"!!! From then on when I went to Mass it 

didn't matter if it was said in Latin my full attention was my focusing on Jesus and the CROSS that hung over the Alter. It

wasn't so long after my grand-mother told me to consider my relationship with Jesus as being truly fully personal; that 

the whole Catholic Mass was spoken in English so that I was able to understand it better from beginning to end and

not just go through the motions of standing, kneeling, sitting, & listening without understanding who Jesus Christ

really is as our very own SAVIOR & SON of GOD Our FATHER! Some modern day Christians even some Pastor's

don't believe our Holy Bible is to be acceptable literally as an instruction manual that's GOD'S truth for living a worthier 

human life on our God's Created for all of humanity's Planet Earth. It seems that even though my Catholic upbringing

played an important role in my Christian FAITH on my pathway Heaven bound many people of other denominations--

even relatives of our own family haven't understood; that the Catholic Christians rearing begins at infant baptism 

right through to confirmation. From infancy to a child's adolescence stage parents in Christianity are to train 

up each child to acknowledge he or she is being introduced to the Christian life-style. Whether they continue

to live it in self-respect Christ-like rightly or self-righteously in all actuality when they mature, it's their choice! (Pr. 22:6)

This concept of the Christian life-style is to be taught to all of our children from infancy thru their adolescence, even if it's a

New Age, Next Level Christian Church which in my local area is most likely a diversified version of CFUSA'S concept (our

grand-daughter informed at one service there: that the Holy Bible is "NOT" to be taken seriously as God's WORD to us

as Created Souls) but when we look at John 1:1-5 we will realized that there is only one direction to move in and it's

forward for all Christians and that's what I've been teaching and preaching firmly about since the Christmas Evening of

1980 A.D. --- as our going BEYOND THE CROSS OF JESUS CHRIST to find his tomb empty...his Christ-like life SPIRIT

awakened in us as experienced in our God Created Soul. I am believing that the pastor of the Next Level Church has 

gathered copies of my "WORK" and used it for his very own benefit; not only was my work plagiarized by him and some

leaders in that N.L.C. but too I believe, for their being able to be diverting funds through local banks and local credit

union branches in N.H. away from us---CFUSA'S (Sherie's and mine--Willie Juniors) Business accounts over to theirs

to build-up its congregation enough to finance their huge building and parking lot in Somersworth, N.H. But the way

I have learned to accept all of what has past as God's will now as it will be this Christmas of 2016 A.D. 36 years---in

my life's quest to be proclaiming "JESUS' GOSPEL TRUTH" in our New Hampshire communities where I have been my 

Fellowship's without any kind of a 4 walled Church's Pastor is to continue-on building-up our online congregation

as a Christian Fellowship Church. A unique one of a kind MOM and POP Christian (Soul Mated) Couple Ministry (CFUSA) 

that Sherie and I began  to do our business as in March of 1988 A.D. in N.H. nearer to our 24th anniversary solely for

us to louder than ever tout that all common Faith Christian couples especially in this 3rd A.D. Millennium are to more

then in any-other-time in the history of our Christianity; we are to be viewing our own vows spoken in "our" marriage

unions as ultimately Sacred. (Gen 2:24, Mt 19:5, Eph 5:31) It's our belief---we have been called into Christ's service in

our life together mission to retain marriages as the Sacred institutions God has designed them to be ever since man's 

beginning of time as humanity. (Gen. 2: 24 and Matt. 19:4-6) Our mission becoming so much more so "complicated" in

N.H. since (that Bishop in Portsmouth opened the door to promote marriage as an equal right for same-sex lovers) in

his "SO CALLED BY NAME OR LABELED" St. John's if you will Christian Church. Our task even harder especially after

what my grand-daughter told me about what she was told: about how our Christian Bible wasn't God's TRUTH for all

of Created Humanity. After what our grand-daughter told me I went into their website & in what they believe mission 

statement I viewed this non-common-sense vision, of our Lord's last supper communion service in an upper room as 

being implemented like it was grape juice and unleavened bread not any kind of a "FERMENTED" wine & unleavened

bread. Fact is if it was to be fruit from the vine grape juice! How could we seriously and so much more so---logically;

how would we ever reasonably believe Jesus Christ could  have made his case strong enough as he explained too us 

as his future disciples what his as our Christ's purpose is for using fermented wine not grape juice---as his only for

sure mostly logical if you will "WAY" for him to reconnect us Created Human Spiritual Souls in our 2nd birth!! (John

 2: 1-11) (John 3: 5-21) (Matthew 9:12-17) (Luke 22: 14-23) A Next Level Church surely it in reality can't be especially

when we view these scriptures (Mt. 7:15-23 & Jn. 15:1-3) as still valid in our 3rd A.D. Millennial year of 2017 within

all of Christianity today given the "FACT" that all Christian doctrinal Church's grow in membership by teaching what

was originally taught as truth when our very first one was planted beginning with our first Church's congregation in 

Antioch. (Acts 11:19-26) Isn't it BAD enough that in all of our Christendom--Christianity we are already considered 

to be a mostly diverse kind of a World Religion. Reason enough for Sherie & I--to be proud: we haven't abandoned

our stance that we are a united in common faith Christian Couple---as individual Christendom citizens. Both of us

before our ever committing in our vow of marriage to be United in a Holy Covenant of our 2 individually Created

Christian Human Souls; we were nurtured & reared--if you will---grounded in Christianity---though thought to be of

some different Christian Church setting; myself Catholic she a Protestant (Methodist) - we knew we were Christian. 

As Christian Fellowship U.S.A. has stated within many of our communications the only "ligitimacy" given Christian

couple unions that are, have been and will be officiated in fact legally and morally in any of our Christian Church's,

Catholic or Protestant that may've been viewed alternative though---was a Catholic with a Protestant or reversed---a

Protestant united in marriage with a Catholic. Even those  Christian Couples who are and have chosen to commit to

one another in other public venues, such as a Town Hall, City Hall, an American Legion, or any place in our 

Created World's Christendom's non 4 wall borders--where those 2 Christian individuals; a man and a woman have 

already or will be united in their Holy Matrimony as soul mates for their life-time as Christian couples. Sherie and I are truly

hopeful that many Christians will have---in the beginning of our CFUSA'S wesites' home page been able to find the

truth in when and where we 1st knew God blessed us--as a united Christian couple...God's blessing us in our marriage

is our greatest asset--God's blessing on us and our whole family (we are to believe) all throughout these 53 years as

it was on 3/7/2017. But sorrowfully as it is---though it still remains for us our most gracious asset...God's blessing

us in our common Christian FAITH marriage union all our now 52 Christmases as it was in 2016 A.D. it's so very sad

as it's our most gracious asset--in our effort of instilling a responsible kind of family values life-style in our home. It

seems that for the past 8 & 1/2 years in our life time all of our life's effort thus far to instill the practice of self respect 

and a good common sense of morality, ethical family values if you will even in the rearing of our own children is null and

void. There is on the rise this manipulation in our world of many in our humanity's population of---not just what---but

too -- who the 2 individual persons are -- and what gender they're to be--in order to form a parental family unit. Only a 

mother can produce with her conceiving in her womb--their own offspring---from their 2 bloodline's...Their own children, 

would naturally make an entrance physically when they're born in our human society's world to begin life--an infant!

It's senseless to believe that two of any same-sex couples can come together and be united for that purpose -- not in

anyway shape or form can they produce offspring of their very own bloodlines together even if professing to be in a

committed relationship for their life-time! Why are we in this Whole-wide-World, in some sort of a senseless battle over 

same gender intimacy (their making love to one another) it only serves their own selfishness of self gratification! Why 

are we as Christians being humiliated and at fault for their non acceptance in our world's moral society for their kind

of a shameful "alternative" life-style...and now all the more so we as those faithful to GOD and GOD'S purpose. We're

told, being straight Couples...we haven't the right to stand in their way so to speak never have we been given any rights

to be resisting these same gender love affairs as being sadly openly publicized as normal so they believe...especially

 after liberalist have back on 6/26/2015 manipulated our U.S.A. Supreme Court's system into voting against our moral right 

of keeping marriage Sacred in a close but still illogical 5-4 decision against all Americans who believed that marriage is

a Sacred institution and never should be defined otherwise. But sadly some gay activist folks (to include our very own

President and all his political cronies of his administration) certainly did destroy Sacred common Christian faith marriage 

not only as being Biblical in definition but as naturally defined as being between (a man & a woman) the only moralistic way 

to populate our world with self respectable decent offspring! What they foolishly don't understand, even some Christians 

aren't seriously understanding because they aren't viewing that giving same-sex couples marriage equality that it can't;

or won't affect future American family units ethically---at all. So not to deny them an equal right being so much money has

been spent by them--in adding "a disclaimer of sorts" to our United States of America's Constitution and America's very

own Declaration of Independence to re-define the meaning of  6 WORDS---with Liberty and Justice for ALL...with 

their needing to "twist" this truth in all 50 of our United States now never heeding the warning in our communications and 

all other communications like ours---condemning same-sex marriages as being the END of our civilized human society 

we are told by Jesus Christ himself in Matthew 24: 15. Onlynow can we wonder why so many communications like this 1; 

have been blocked from the view of our general public. Nowsame-sex couples are seeking family life equality being many 

egislative courts and (Federal Court Judges) in each of our 50 United States have already granted and ordered way too

many "same-sex "lovers" (they aren't couples by definition) those Federal Court judges gave many same-sex lovers in 

their ignorance their licensed to marry one another! So now sadly same-sex couples are wanting OUR marriage 

equality! But our stance remains here at C.F.U.S.A. even as they are trying harder and harder in each day to convince 

more and more of our world's population with their redefining of any marriage as a union. They want their 

kind of same-gender marriage partnerships to be deserving of equal status like any male & female marriage union is

---when it comes right down to the heart of the matter they aren't conformable or never can theirs be comparable to 

 husband & his wife's! The reality of a Sacred marriage remaining the union only 

between an opposite in gender couple---surely can't ever be re-defined as any two individuals today--who will come

together in their marriage bed...Never could any same-sex couple be united intimately in a marriage even if it's been

legalize. Never could they physically come together--if you will (pun intended to make a point) like us for a purposeful

choice of pro-creating---conceiving offspring of their very own bloodline! Through-out all of humanity's history as we 

all should be aware off...only opposite in gender individuals are united in their Marriage for the purpose of becoming a 
Mom and a Dad! Partner's we all are in our responsibility in raising a child. Sadly though some people in our more-so  
fast becoming secularized World of humanity--are no longer finding it possible to defend in any language--a reasonable,

truly a humanely logical definition---for the purpose of our humanity's marriage unions. So too in the divine sense, for

our spiritual family's sake living as one of God's children in the present is becoming less & less a possibility. No longer 

are we even as a Faithful Christian Majority within America and within our Whole-Wide-World in fact, no longer are we

to consider ourselves as the citizenry of our Christendom, no longer are we to divinely be heralding the New Testament's 

good news of our 2nd birth as being our Heavenly Father's final draft within God's 7000 year plan for the continuation
of Created humanity...yes no longer are we to consider that it's always been our Creator God's purpose for us (every human 
soul) to mimic the Divine image--the Christ-like character of our God's only begotten Son. (Genesis 1:26 and John 1:1-5) 
Wickedness is thriving within our New Age World of today because so many---especially of our younger generation's
are of some sort of the coerced belief---that what we in our Created world as Christians are professing as is not natural 
for any same-sex lovers to "MARRY" is sheer nonsense---but sadly whether it be Biblical wise defined or Dictionary wise 
defined by human intellect it is not natural. Only a man and a women can naturally copulate (have intercourse more-so we 
graciously view this action as making LOVE to one another) for our human family's purpose of re-producing---our
own bloodline offspring in every viable marriage union let alone it be a fact of natural life too---within what is believed to be

known as a Holy (Sacred) Marriage Union! For any normal human being to believe otherwise---even all those persons 

professing they are to be "Born-Again" and real Holy Bible instructed Christians. Is it any wonder why our humanity's moral 

family's declination is making headway--on the rise in today's fast becoming diversified---and more-so irreligious population of our now more-so deceived world. We more-so as a Faithful majority in our America's population are to be sharing in the blame game so-to-speak especially when our own president who claims to be a Christian views his own nationally professing religion & America's Faithful majority as persons weak, hateful, and down right critical towards others like himself who refuse to evolve to his way of life as he selfishly believes every real Christian should act as an American voting citizen...According to what is written in my Holy Bible being a father of our half century old daughter if you will it would seem that what-ever or who-ever drove him in the opposite direction if he's of the belief that there is an ALTERNATIVE to living a Christians life-style. (We're speaking of "THE PRESIDENT B.O." Whom for 8 years devolved not EVOLVED for sure! 

Surely people who believe like him must've been exposed to a lackadaisical kind of Christian doctrine in a local Church in "the" teaching of a pastor's manipulation; a diversified kind of Christianity. Worse than any person believing there is an "Alternative" to the way we've been procreating our human family offspring 15 years into six Millennium's TODAY...are people though; they'd not claim to be radical religious entities--they're sadly confusing our American Children whom we have raised to believe in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Then worst of all religious entities those barbarians who not only murder innocent men but too slaughter women & children because they are of the belief that (Their God Allah) wants them to kill all whom are not of their religious entity. In fact they believe in (ridding the world of infidels) because they are following "THEIR" God Allah--who's sent them a Savior too--but with a radical message---murderously radical---especially when it involves the spilling of some innocent people's blood. Our SAVIOR at least for us as being the Faithful Christians...We know he went to the CROSS like an innocent LAMB for all humanity's sake, to put an end to a ridictcules view of blood being shed (for God's sake) a Jihadish brotherhood's view point that we have seen in progress "LIVE" on our own T.V. screens from our United States of America's--East coast to our Nation's West coast; throughout our whole-wide-world has this abominable Jihadish style of a religious war been in fact visualized in the light of that 9/11 day of 2001 A.D. when in fact it snuffed the breath out--sparing not any "PERSON'S" innocent blood that was shed in our New York City's Jihadish style attack---on our WORLD'S TRADE CENTER'S buildings!!! Christianity's Savior (the 2nd person in the Trinity of our God) came into our world of humanity as living proof that our GOD had prepared---all a place in GOD'S Heavenly Kingdom. We securing our place only--in our life-time of living with a sense of moral decency & integrity through our trials & errors in life. Hence as human beings we'll surely learn what's good or in fact what's bad for each one of us as individuals through the process of making both right and wrong choices in life. Our living a good healthy productive life requires the activeness in our conscience (a mostly spiritual more than a physical, if you will---feeling) for doing something wrong---the feeling of (guilt and shame) in us in our life at that time. (Mark 9:42-50) Jesus our Messiah (humanity's Savior) came into our World of Creation by natural means being conceived in his mother Mary's womb on our very first of all Christmas Evenings-- an innocent infant child like we all are---in the beginning of our human life...he grew in wisdom and knowledge through the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD within him being GOD'S only begotten SON...a first fruit human child of GOD 

in all of our humanity's KINGDOM of God's OWN Creation...Jesus Christ himself in his teachings of living his human 

life rightly on EARTH said: "Why do we call him Lord--Lord not to do the things he says"? (Luke 6:46-50) He said this as

our LORD and SAVIOR being a reminder that: his and our heavenly FATHER had already in those Ten commandments 

given to Moses on Mount Sinai; God Humanity's Creator had already given--wrote into all 10 the way for us to build-up a

good human life so much more Faithfully wise all-the-while by following God's instructions; adhering too--to God's 10 laws of living a good--both in the physical and spiritual realm -- a Worthy not Worldly life on our PLANET EARTH. The whole 

10 of our God's laws on 2 stone is the whole of our Christian Churches doctrine though condensed into the

2 Jesus Christ taught us living the way of life being God's own children on EARTH beginning presently on Earth even 

though it's become more secularized. Sadly a reason life each day in a modern world today is becoming more and more 

burdensome mainly it'd seem because of the wickedness of all the bad stuff is at an all time level high...

isn't it the best of any reason especially for us Christians to adhere to all JESUS our Savior taught us knowing it still is 

as it's always been, and more-so in our NEW AGE applicable for us to be living rightly today and too in every single day

in our world of tomorrow. (Mark 12:29-31) In the natural light of all man's history--past, present, and future....there is a

certainty as far as all human life is and has always been populated on Earth there hasn't been, nor ever will there 

ever "Alternative" kind of a way to procreate a natural family member without moms or dads being united within a 

matrimony for too; OUR purpose of increasing in our human family's numbers...populate our good green Planet of 

Earth with good care taking offspring of every skin color. (Gen. 49:28, Mt.19:28) All religious--and even those not 

religious in the least bit surely understand, to use our best of American English; believe that a human life is conceived

in a mother's be considering a same-sex marriage as a union in any religious sense at all, whether a liberal or 

atheist, or accepting the teachings of Darwin as (a religion) which in fact pertains to naturalism, or by what ever kind of human sense individuals may think he or she believe that there's an "ALTERNATIVE" to an opposite in gender union is not possible. 

So even if all you non-believers are now to be living in OUR BLESSED UNDER OUR ONE GOD NATION who supposedly 

doubt the very existence of any GOD. It'll matter not where ever you would be living within our Whole World because 

as it is your unbelief in any God has added more fuel being our world's minority on a subject that never should have been ignited.

It is your wielding your words like some sword to humiliate us as true American believers; who are fueling the abnormal 

life-style of same-gender marriage in America due to some liberal sense of what is or isn't at all morally right or wrong. So 

many political activists are today becoming driven more to the left of center when it comes 

down to our Christian FAITH, more part time after attending weekend services it seems to be more of the 

typical liberal movement since our current administrations been at the helm of political leadership within all of America---

more and more politicians and federal workers seem to have no sense of consciousness to what is or isn't morally right 

or wrong. Lacking a sense of having it (a consciousness of right and wrong)---left in their own life is certainly confusing 

some of our own good citizenry by getting bad laws passed that are more each day deceiving---causing more and more

brethren to be falling off of a pathway of any kind of faith in GOD into a pit of worldly belief: that equality in marriage is 

comparable, in an ethical like family manner between same-sex couples...Why are (Sher & I) like many Christians--

other male & female couples in our whole world---so many since the beginning of our 7th Millennium today...why are 

people believing like us considered to be heart-less folks...why are we as "Christian" couples being explicitly set apart---

as needing to feel guilty  for this morally rightful intolerance--for our not wanting to be in acceptance of same-sex 

marriage licensing or in actuality same gender intimacy (Love Making) as like--or as equal in fact as a man and a woman's

intimacy of love making  is in a committed relationship within our natural World...Let alone as SACRED within every 

committed marriage of virtually any Christian couple being our only natural way and the normal way to increase even in

our divine family (OUR HUMANITY'S) numbers! In fact why should we--why are we having so hard a time, so 

much difficulty understanding that our God's Divine purpose (living life as Kingdom citizenry) is for all individuals

of humanity exactly the same, when our written history (for all of mankind) instructions' manual begins with this very 

same family theme of uniting men and woman to procreate offspring in Genesis 1:27-31! Then after 400 years of our trying

to live rightly without God's guidance in building-up ethical family of man relationships after Jonah was sent to warn 

Nineveh of its wickedness (its citizenry's immorality) and lack there of it. It was once & again being confirmed by 

Jesus as our MESSIAH that God instituted marriage as SACRED unions only between a man & a woman. (Mat. 19:1-6) 

Then after nearly 7 Christian Pentecost Sunday's were past and after Saul stopped his own persecutions of Christians 

& became converted himself. For all of our (humanity's) goodness sake--our A.D. future--Saint Paul reminds us---

in Ephesians 5:22 to 6:9 as he's speaking to the Brethren in our 1st Church---of all 7 that are mentioned within the 1st 

3 chapters of our 66th book the one known as the Revelation. (Rev. 2:1-7) Yes Saint Paul as our very first ofany of our 

Christian Church's Evangelist's explains to us the mystery of why all men and women Sacred marriage unions

are to be morally kept as pure for Christianity's's up to all faithfully committed couples in each of our Covenanted 

unions to be good loving parents as husbands and wives to accomplish this as we rear our children with Christian family 

values--taught us as the same rules written within the whole of our Holy Bible for maintaining peace through unity as we

live altogether in our Christendom under Heavens Rooftop! Even unbeliever's can find hope and healing in its pages for

both the body (physically) & the soul (the divinely spiritual)! It's been through all of mankinds history past---present and 

future...God's sole (SOUL) purpose, it's for us as CREATED human beings to reflect an image at least for all "SOULFUL"

human beings to live righteously it is---above all of the other species inhabiting our home planet earth it is! Shameful

is our stance? Much worse is folks needing to humiliate us! Some people seem to have a real flair for their "Belittling" us

and in fact "Perverting" Christ Jesus' real Christian Gospel like it is some strange weapon to be used for emotionally

making us feel the pain and anguish (guilt and shame) for our wrongful living. Thank God though that as Christians

we can learn to control all of the anxiousness of "ANGER" that most certainly accompanies ANY Humiliation...It's a reflection of our Christ-like---in Actuality it's "Genuinely" our BEST Characteristic. Being Christians we can harness---to the

point of our tempering--sort of like cooling down heated emotions like those that tend to fuel-up more anger in us.

At least we; when our anger is fueled by a kind of hate for us, we react not in such a way as will disrespect, a moral 

characteristic law (God's 10 commandments) the 10 that sets believers apart from an infidel--since a beginning of

our Exodus to become Kingdom citizenry. Those of us in our modern day too who still accept that God's law--was

solidly set in stone by Moses at mount Sinai)! But much better yet it's exemplified as being inhumanely wrong to  

react in violent behavior making it worse an infringement on ones own personal integrity...especially if we're to ever counter

 attack in a violent manner--deliberately to cause mental anguish or even physical bodily harm---in defense 

of our intolerance & being critical when a persons morality is questionable especially if we consider theirs as wrong.

Our reasoning in fact for maintaining---a non-violent & a non-discriminatory stance in an issue involving another

persons morality or for us to remember it as being (WHY) our "Personal Savior Christ Jesus" gave

his human life up on "THAT CROSS" to teach us that the 10 commandments--the whole of God's moral law for all

mankind is summed up--fulfilled in our 1st 2. (Mk12:26-31) Fact is "hypocrisy" is evident when people---profess like

we do to be Christians believe--they are doing their civic duty by humiliating us for our not wavering--in our moral

stance of what defines--Literally---Our Sacred Marriages. Ultimate hypocrisy our being humiliated antagonizes an 

anger in us emotionally...a face reddening anger caused by folk's Biblical ignorance--yet at all times we deal with

Hypocrisy in a Christ-Like manner! There are many New but only one Old Testament scripture given to reference 

in the (N.I.V.) concordance, of our Study Bible.  Basically though HATE itself is the evil...against our carnal law too.

So wicked is any persons human nature---when anger is fueled by hate, enough so that acting upon it turns sadly to 

violence. Thank God for sending our Savior in person. He 1st was hated by unscrupulously worldly people. But

not ever---as our humanity's best example--could people have infuriated him -- or angered him -- to the point of his

not--no not ever enough---could any person or person's anger him so much as not to complete his mission of his

going to the cross as our Passover--our Sacrificial Lamb. Being Christendom Citizenry---Catholic & Protestant---or

not religious...when an angry person Hates enough, to a point they are uncontrollably violent: that's wickedness!

So literally hating person's or any groups of person's to the point of using vicious actions (physically or mentally)

against them 1st is less humane than being radical itself! That action never ever could be Christian.  As touted in a

World-Wide CLICHE ---" there's a fine line between Love and Hate"! So if we carelessly "Cross" that line. In "any"

of our personal relationships---we're worse than "every" "Wild" animal! (Proverbs 29:22, Matt. 5:22) This all today

is explained in much greater detail in CFUSAOne's most recent and my very first try at writing A BOOK! I began

writing it intending it to be done by a 2010 A.D. 'Christian' Pentecost Sunday...But due to health & financial issues

both (Sherie's & mine) though still being of concern. It was our Independent Christian Couple's Ministry's intent that 

it could have been completed by July 4th 2012 A.D. but a final draft of my completed booklet as I consider it to be

today of (46 page booklet of 8 1/2  X 11 copy paper pages) is at last ready for 'circulation'. It's more-so now a true story

of our married life together since we got married while I was in our U.S.A.F. in Washington State. CFUSA'S booklet now

is titled with a sermon message written on December the 12th of 2004 A.D. that states: Jesus--Christ said: Many will

turn away from "THE" Faith! According to your own FAITH! (Mat. 9:27-29, 24:1-14 and John 14:12-14 are referenced) We

also make reference to Religion or Faith---could there be any difference? (Hebrews Ch. 11 all and Tim. 1:3, 15:7-19 being

what is referenced here) It's a true story of our Independent Common Faith's Christian Ministry's beginning now known 

best on the internet as simply Christian Fellowship U.S.A. In it we have so much more added information to share with 

you all as our Christian Brethren...It has been revised on the concept that politics is working at trying to distort the way

we are as Christians to believe in our Nations God---being the main reason it wasn't circulated though it was nearer to

be circulated during a December 2011 A.D. Christmas...But once again health issues arose and my HOPE was that it'd

be circulated by Easter-time in this 2012 A.D. 7th Millennial year. Everything written has been self published and then

circulated--out in the hands of our general public ASAP ever since November of 1982. My book's been sent out to folks

in several draft stages since I began to write it in Feb. 2010, with many health occurrences both mine and my wife of 49

years then Sherie's--causing our delay for its completion. I had hoped by our 2011 A.D. Valentine's day. Then for sure

ready it'd be for (C.F.U.S.A.) to distribute to all people in our World's general population I its previous 36 &

37 page version circulated---starting on July 15---some 11 days had gone by after America's 2011 A.D. Independence

day and in actuality all American's had already celebrated 235 years of them in our past history---ever since our very

1st one in 1776 A.D.. Certainly it (already at 37 pages) was complete---I had hoped and surely thought--it must be

the completed version because it fit right in here in our HOME Page---at least it seemed to me...but not; actually God was 

testing our Common FAITH (being Sherie & I) were: angry about all physical ailments overwhelming us---more--after

her back problems escalating in 11/2006 to nerve damage. Then too--beginning in April through October of 2010---my

left kidney complications causing us to hate life enough to not want to wake-up in the mornings some of this anguish

of ours written about in my books' 53 pages. I thank GOD I had this WORK to complete---it helps me--maintain control

over my own belief stops me from reacting--like several lines up unveils of folks, as worse than animals--if

we'll hate anyone or even groups of persons enough--so it (OUR ANGER) turns into unconscionable violence...Now it

(my book of 53 pages) is filled with much more of the truth about the birth, life, death, and resurrection---and more so

God's 'Whole Truth' revealed in a 3 & 1/2 year Ministry--his MISSION in life---a mostly unique MISSIONARY'S---journey

our redeemer Jesus Christ's fact as we here at our Christian Couple Ministry---C.F.U.S.A. believe his life's time 

mission on our Created Planet Earth was literally as we've found it to be by our carefully researching it all in our

New Testament Scriptures...his mission in life was his teaching us personally by his own example in his many--humiliating to maintain control over our worse 2 of all unhealthy human that in 'every' one of

our own circumstances in our personal relationships with other person's we'd quell our temper before we allow hate

and our anger get the best of us and become violent. (Mat. 5: 22, 26: 55 & 56---Mark 14: 48-50---Luke 22: 52 & 53) Fact

was and still is as of today on this 4/24/2013 A.D. day that: even our World's Christendom Citizenry let alone all--folks

of our 3rd world countries who'd come to America hoping to experience our American style of liberation since 2011 

as we heard on FOX NEWS this morning...are on the firing line so-to-speak--being counted among those who may've

migrated only to served to aggravate America's concept of living freely (forgetting the moral concept incorporated in

the definition of those two words put together living freely as is supposed as---there isn't any alternative to living our

human lives anywhere on planet Earth other than the way our Creator God design it naturally---in a family setting) it

beginning with each Covenanted marriage union between one man and one women. But surely and in "FACT" sadly

during 5 long years now we still aren't seriously ready to end it---America's 2nd civil war of hatred has progressed to

the critical point that even though neighbors profess to be Christians regardless of their particular denomination--the

hatred for one another; an opinion especially when defining a same-sex gender marriage as not today a union a perfect 

fit...only because the opposition to this moral issue says to the high court in our United States of America: there hasn't

ever been any logical (Biblical wise or Dictionary wise) any logical way to disprove that same-gender marriage is or is

not a persons CIVIL RIGHT not in any language especially as being defined as living a life as a free citizen 

under our U.S. Constitution...But when believing "FREEDOM" is a right to live ones very own life in the Biblical sense

with Christian character---a conscious sense of living life rightly, to use a Biblical term (IN RIGHTEOUSNESS)!!!

Not only does it define a Christian's moral Character today but in FACT it was first rendered as a term to define our first 

"SAVED" man and his whole family. (Genesis 6:5-22 & especially verse 9) So what gives any individual person

(MALE or FEMALE) claiming to be of our Christendom's citizenry a civil right in a sense--to denounce (the Biblical

definition of moral character) today? Null and void it will never be for Christians. Being Christ's very own "HOLY SPIRIT" 

returned in (GOD'S WORLD---OF CREATION) on that---FIRST A.D. CHRISTIAN PENTECOST SUNDAY...and like in 

Genesis 1: 7 Spirituality was revived in our Christian forefathers. (Acts 2: 2) Gathered together,

where they were instructed by Jesus to meet 53 days after Jesus Christ gave his life-up as our now---Passover Lamb.  

Because they believed it's been & will always be graciously poured out on us--yes ever since that very first of Christian

Pentecost Sunday's when all adherents heard Jesus' Gospel that was delivered by disciples as eyewitnesses...they being

persons of different tongues--were those gathered in that one place hearing the Good News Christian message in their

own tongues! (Acts 1-13) So in conclusion C.F.U.S.A. at least in this segment of our home page--must ask this question  

of those activist in this same-sex marital union issue. Just what is this CIVIL RIGHT that you've decided deserves the

right to be as SACRED and EQUAL to our one man and one female marriage union and too--in what new language are

you to be defining it as such?? Certainly in no way can it be in any (physical or spiritual) sense or language. Be it

Christian (Biblical wise our Socially wise) by definition. In no way possible can such a marriage be considered as a

union...and hopefully we--a world-wide-moral society...all humanity will come to fully understand this as a FACT of

life--living it knowing that in family ethical matters it is our exemplification of morality as their parents...this is what

our own children will build their own personal lives and relationships around where-ever they live on our Created Earth.

We some as their older generations (at least more than just a few of us) are to blame and at fault for handing

our children down a more deceived and wicked world due to our non becoming arrogant attitude (a no compromise)

will there ever be from this current administration after they have already by manipulation surely--gotten some---let us

just say--they got "passed" some BAD for us as a majority of American citizenry not only this BAD health care LAW

which is more disabling than not for a majority of our US citizenry financially...But worse too some BAD judgement

calls handed down from the highest court in our nation's capital while on this administrations watch about morality

that affect all of us not just the minority they ruled in favor of...It's our not having our chance as a moral majority our

not being able to suppress a perverseness as it is that an equality in marriage for same-sex couples is not possible

has surely fueled an unhealthy anger in some folks--even some brethren on both sides of this more-so diversifying

issue. It could have been easier to quell this legalizing of same gender marriage in some States by granting them a

license if we had our chance to confront  this "perversity" this wickedness that has turned people on the both sides

to become so much more hateful! Anger is not only one of our worse, but it's unhealthy, being the hardest of all of 

our physically human emotions---to keep under control... And too it's an actual fact that it's so much more difficult 

to keep under control when some people "humiliate" us, because of their own intolerance to us living by (those 10

moral codes; living a Created life on Planet Earth RIGHTLY! Their intolerance towards us is like a fuel that ignites all of

their hatred and  jealousy to our kind of living of the Christ centered life in God's Kingdom---our Christendom today!

Add to that--some Christian hypocrisy...that's still existing today...when believing God's blessed our common faith 

Christian couple union and then claim we are as Christian believers the brethren who are the two individuals that are

historically sharing a life in biblical ignorance. But for us it's an asset that is worth more than any precious coin or rock,

or dollar valued prize, in our gracious living a life together  in our least understood Covenanted marriage union. But

we found this truth in our Holy Bible about how it's the only book ever written for us as two individual souls who are on 

the same track (Heaven Bound). As believers we know we gave our children what they needed most (all the love we 

were allowed too while going-up) even though we had very little material resources at times. We providing an ethical 

family loving home atmosphere for all 4 of our own children though (as you will read later) through some mostly stormy 

times which worsened for us ever since we came to reside here in N.H. in 1976. But through it all even though we 

have always persisted in providing our best when it comes down to our Parenting Role Modeling skills it seemed that 

what the Worldly folks deemed our down fall--was our lack of having some kind of a college degree because of the trial and 

error way we together choose to rear each of our 4 children as each one of them & us individually was affected by our 2nd 

needing to grow-up as an only child to put it mildly---as it is explained in more detail further on in our about us page. Still 

though when our anger was raised to the point of humiliation and embarrassment in mostly every one of our family outings 

and every family picnic, gathering, going out to dinner, and holiday celebrations and sadly as it was, even during regular 

immediate family meals together...Sherie & I had to restrained   our frustration to a point that it didn't become unbridled

anger! Unbridled anger is always steeped in hatefulness and more to point it is wickedness when love and compassion for any of our neighbors no less (never mind even our own immediate family members) whom might not understand the way we've lived our common faith Christian life together now through 50 whole years of MARRIAGE. We've gone through some mostly tremulous times in our marriage where I-myself have without ever thinking about how I was crossing that fine line between love and hate...even hating my role within my own family, but worse was my even hating my life---period. But going in and coming out, of my more induced depressions, those that were in the very beginning stage of my mid-life-crisis instilled by a legally prescribed drug...prescribed by my local mental health center's doctor was for some unknown was read wrongly by 35 mg too much...I thank GOD every day now that Sherie's devotion in Christian LOVE for me--has in every time over-powered the HATE instilled in me for my own life. A Love  that changed the course of hate and anger in me she did. Hate once instilled in my life enabling me to cross a life line drawn  by my own hand in the sand so-to-speak---between LOVE on the one side as the only way to reach Heaven--and HATE on the other side--the one sure way of being thrown into HELL for no less than throwing GOD'S gracious LOVE for us & all of his creation...tossing God's LOVE away like it's a worthless waste of our time to LOVE and be LOVED by our Creator. What's so very sad about doubting GOD'S LOVING all of us as Kingdom citizenry especially in our 3rd millennium A.D. is that we as a New Testament believer surely know---Jesus as our Messiah did live his very own human life on our Created Earth. Now if you have a mind to understand why it's so very sad for us as Christians to doubt God's love especially for us today. Read what Saint Paul had to say about all God's people of FAITH; Old Testament hopeful and the New Testament---promised!!! (Hebrews 11: all especially the last 2 verses 39 and 40) After reading and re-reading Chapter 11 within our New Testament being a common faith Christian couple...Christian Fellowship U.S.A. we are 100% certain that St. Paul---though he didn't or may not have totally understood this being a hateful member of the Pharisee's...For he too was counted among those who had despised the Christians who then shared, and now even took center stage so-as-to-speak in the Jewish as it  was then known---as their First Fruit's Pentecost celebration known as  Shavuot. If you remember the stoning of Stephen was mostly due to the Jewish leaders resistance to our very 1st Christian  Pentecost Sunday experience being now the only way to have fellowship (a personal relationship with our Creator God) our LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ's spirit of life breathe into us as it was poured-out on our Christian brothers and sisters in our 1st Christian Pentecost Sunday. As Christian parents it's our duty firstly to drive them (our children in our care) in this  divine direction...So that hopefully each in their own allotted time will too become recipients of Christ Jesus' "Faithful  and Spiritual Promise" of living the liberated life!! (2 Cor. 3:15-17) We have been given this awesome responsibility--it has been initiated by Christ Jesus' own blood only--being shed on the cross---in his mighty peaceful rebellion to win us over as his non-violent warriors that's the "CHANGE" we need to imbue in all of our future political arena's people especially--as it's been the case that: hate and's for the most part, been broadcast---since the turning of our new millennium age to our grand-children and in some cases---in our senior stage in our common faith Christian couples' life--too, even our great-grand-children with a scaring so-to-speak moving further and further down our generational becoming more and more infectious especially in the political arena & it will no doubt---if we don't nip it in the bud---it will leave on them a mark (on all of our very own children---in our whole wide world) an insecurity that we'd not done enough to stop this travesty, and too financial calamity from landing directly on our own offspring even those who'll be our future leaders in our Christendom's third A.D. Millennium)...Violence it is said only begets more violence--please avoid it--even---as some thought to be---last resort.  Mediation is a way in our Modern Day---especially when radical leaders can acquire nuclear type weaponry like (those sadly) produced---even out-dated ones that even one angry person--overwhelmed by hatred could annihilate a Whole Community---Town---or even a City. A nuclear weapon could be used impetuously  as some inhumane first but surely final resort at alleviating ones own emotional aggravation of anger! (Matt. 16:19) No  one person infused with that much hate---a believer or not, accordingly or not to God's Holy Word is Heaven Bound. (Rev. 3:14-22) Being Non-Violent--Christ-Like Citizenry, in our time of living on a more diversified created planet  Earth, literally defines us within our World's Christendom as those brethren suppressing hatred with compassion! (John 15:18-25) 

Scripture reminds us that 'HATE' can be all consuming! An evil destroyer of ones own personal integrity -- if we

fall prey to the wickedness of hate. (Job 2:1-10) C.F.U.S.A. hopes that folks of professing Christianity won't, being 

during all-times we must soberly--control our emotions. We are not like B.C. or even A.D. gladiators who train to

kill or be killed...(non-characteristically) though their still human beings, forced trained to kill for another persons

entertainment in an arena. Any type of Religion or in fact any governmental system that believes it is now leading 

OUR World's Citizenry, in a presumptive better direction, to the Right or Left, from the 'Center' of Christ's Gospel 

truth about who & what we are as Godly Created Human doubting that Our Biblical History is reality, for 

OUR Civilized World's society...their leading some of our deceived Brethren surely--down the pathway that is a

downhill spiraling pathway. Mimicking the Christian life style is in each day an ethically challenging experience! 

With certainty though our Christian life -- it will never, in fact---manifest it self: in a Contrary Life-style---A kind of

alternative one---or in FACT as was mentioned more as an appeasement of sorts most recently--by our highest

ranking individual in our nation seeking to be re-elected in this election year of 2012 A.D. --one of those persons

believing that we as citizenry, the American voters---are at a literal cross road---in our civil society's evolutionary

battle (that's it's time to relinquish all sanctity attached to our Godly united marriages) denounce them as so much

so that we must allow (not just equality for all same-sex gender couples) but too be in acceptance that there's in

fact in our modern day an alternative to the way we have believed our human family members were and still are in

all actuality procreated or to use a more primitive natural term conceived within a man's wife's womb! (Luke 11:27)

How sad it would be if we are to "NO" longer accept that our children are less of a blessing within marriages...the

deception unfortunately instilled among children--that's been infiltrating all generations--many wondering--if we

are any-thing-more than 'Flesh and Blood' Mammals or that we have only the instincts of the animals to guide us

in all of our actions never even to consider anything that we may or may not have done as right or wrong. But we

being soulfully created as "HUMANITY" we are equipped with a conscience of heart so-to-speak...we know within

each persons heart is where emotions maintain control of All Created Souls. A Human's Spiritual Compassionate

Heart isn't in a Chest of "ANY" Mammals! (1 Peter 2:1-3) In CFUSA'S website is mentioned a "manuscript" titled: 

"King Kong VS. King James" the one that's been more aptly incorporated in a 'completed drafting' of 53 pages.

In my 45 page manuscript I give it my all, (a 100% effort) from a Revelation back to Genesis view point--of human

history, for why our Heavenly Father Created 'Humanity' with emotions...Heartfelt emotions: they keep us in tune

with the Character Likeness of our Master Jesus Christ! You'll find too that being soulfully human requires more

than what's showing on our Outside. In the words of one of Our World's very 1st of All fiery Methodist preacher's,

Samuel...whispering this to his son John Wesley he did as he lay on his deathbed:"The inward witness son, the

inward witness. This is the Proof, the Strongest PROOF of Christianity." Words John & Charles echoed in many

Hymns, it 1st predominantly preached by St. Paul within (Ro. 8) reaching the hearing of all people in our World 

of Christianity---TODAY. Yes brethren it (Christianity) it's all about an inner witness. It being Christ by his Spirit in us!

You can research this truth for yourself in a tiny 64 page booklet by Charles W. Keysor (1966). But we are hoping

you'd look in our 53 page booklet---discover what being 'Soulfully' human entails. CFUSA has narrowed it down

to our Emotions. It's how we'll all have too in time, learn how to harness them--Not Becoming Violent---or in fact 

disrespectful when squabbling--quarreling---even while entangled in any verbal confrontations what-so-ever. In

our "Our Father Prayer" is found the BASIS for this fact! As CEO of Christian Fellowship U.S.A. I every-day-pray:

"forgive me my trespasses as I LEARN to forgive those who have, & will --- trespass, against me!" Those of our

secular society, those 'physically' minded only, would  like of that passage to mean: "do unto others but do it 

1st"or as Karma: "what goes around comes around" & even: "you get back what you dish out" but in actuality

the fact remains that Jesus Christ himself taught us this lesson for our living a 'Respectful Life' nearly 2012 A.D.

years ago. Our 2012 'T-shirts' are available for ordering. On the front and on the back you will find for your own

self...Truthfully, words that are still relevant for us to be touting as Christians today. Brethren if it is---your, even

if it isn't your TIME and your SEASON to Harness all of your emotions...Please do order one in your own size!!!

(Contribute to your Heritage it's your own Civil Right)!!! (Matthew 22: 34-40) (John 3:3-8) (Hebrews 11: All) All N.I.V.

Perfect Not -- (Heb. 7:11-28) -- But surely "FREE!" (2 Cor. 3:7-18) (Near 3 years passed since creating CFUSAOne's 

WEBSITE!) Today is January the 30th 2011 A.D. & in all actuality 35 evenings past mine and Sherie's 47th

Christmas evening together. Being a Common Faith 'Covenant' Christian Couple...Celebrating with our whole family on 

this Holy-Day assures our life together is blessed. Especially since on very 1st 1964 A.D. Christmas---together just the

the two of us while Sherie was 5 mo. pregnant & we were going to be blessed with our very own family's 1st child. Now after 

all of our 48 Christmases together as of 2012 A.D. having four children, eight grand-children, and three great-grand-

children...We believe we've been United in our Sacred Marriage long enough to reject people's notion that we were not

compatible as SOUL MATES for a life-time. Why? Because I was reared Catholic & Sherie Protestant; opposing Christian

entities in ideology as it was thought to be ever since the Protestant reformation. This notion of not being compatible as Soul Mates was instilled in us all-the-while as we both grew into mature adults before we married. Proved we most certainly have that our living our life together as Soul Mates and parents through all of 50 Christmases past. Yes our Christian marriage Union serves as proof that the misconception in the WHOLE of our World's Christendom... about Catholic and Protestant couples as not being compatible is sheer nonsense. Catholic and Protestant Christian marriage unions are the only acceptable "Alternatives" to both of the individuals as being Catholics or Protestants as long as the 2 individuals Christians are of their opposite sex--both professing to be a common Christian Faith couple actuality. Since 2005 A.D. when 

(A Bishop?) in our area started this war fighting for equality in marriage for all same-gender lovers. Our battle has intensified to keep marriage in the Sacredness it was given in our very beginning of our Created humanity. It was designed to be an institution to regenerate (populate) our humanity's original 12 tribe family units that have been in existence since the beginning of our human species inhabiting our home planet of Earth. Unconstitutional they tout (same-sex lovers) will 

to get their perverted marriages legalized. Our liberty in America is being trampled on. But not so simply according to the 

preamble of our USA'S constitution if we are to read exactly who we are as those who are to pass-on all the blessings of liberty that are to be handed down in America to our  offspring (our posterity) as the preamble of our U.S. 

Constitution is to define all future generations of our pro-created children. Don't just take CFUSAOne's word---read it for

yourself just before the very first line of article one of our 50 United States of America's constitution is written. Whether

in Biblical terminology or in Constitutional terms same-sex marriages can't be considered unions that reproduce any

kind of bloodline offspring. But mainly it has been through our very own Common Christian Faith that Sherie & I---we

both have leaned on the practice of using real Biblical principles and (not just those of any professional scholars 

Christian or otherwise) to help us rear our very own children. With that said Brethren, after my glancing through

CFUSA'S Website's many pages today. I'd hope you'd not be relating to it and CIVIL disobedience radicals like those

(Worldly Straying Person's) who're rebelling against what actually makes good common sense as being viable productive, 

and fruitful marriage unions. Fruitfully creditable in fact only are our America's marriage unions between a man & a woman 

as an American citizen! It's shameful this kind of socialistic civil battle of senseless wits has remained something of an 

on-going 3rd world war of hate, a win some, lose some in a vacuous-worldly-like-apostasy -- unveiled as such in

our about us page. For Heavens Sake, this little preamble paragraph is added, solely because, we present so much of 

"Our" past life together as our own rebelling against our lesser informed brethren and the unbelieving still in 

our A. D. World of Tomorrow! 

Christian Fellowship U.S.A. we Sherie & I are; we are a Husband & "A" Wife Covenant Couple of 53 years as of 3/7/2017 A. D.! Fact is most Graciously. We truly understand that our Marriage is Blessed of God, as New Covenant partners active in Family matters still, we being great-grand-parents of 5. A-life-long-duty rearing our American Children;
educating them to Live with 'Christian Ideals'!! As America's children, they are to be trained in the Virtuous Way they should go. Not by the Secular Way: children being Worldly taught! (Proverbs 22:6, Luke 6:40) For us; this indeed Christian Brethren, is our heartfelt desire, 1st and foremost, as a Male & a Female Couple (Mom & Dad) Parents. It's
our 'ULTIMATE' duty -- it's our life-time-together commitment: vowing; we do as a New Covenant Married Couple---to be dedicating a life of our own offspring to serving 'God 1st' above all else. Hoping they won't; at some point be swayed in Life, by 'Secularist' Person's. Hell-bent on keeping them from hanging-on to their Birth Rite; in America! We're
subservient in our knowledge that our sharing of our lives together; as a Husband and a Wife -- Christian Couple, until "death-we'll-part!" Is a natural worthy life, not a Worldly one! Unlike Folks rebelling, who are presumably opposed to "A" Spiritual concept that God Created us in our Humanity to be a United family; 1 Spiritual common Faith family.
In all actuality, it simply is "OUR INDIVIDUAL FAITH." That's built 'A BONDING LOVE'  between us. Since that "First" moment we met. It's been virtually sustained by a Heavenly force. Our Common Faith Love binding us altogether in the structuring of our home--with good, family values. Certainly "Faith" is our viable driving sentiment---keeping open a communications' line between all of us, it binds our family altogether, though some be miles away. A safety line in our storm filled seasons.
'OUR COMMON FAITH' surely is our enlightenment. It surely is our empowerment instilling in us "TODAY" this awesome realization!! That we not only are to commonly share our 'FAITH' within a Spiritual Love
between Sher & I as husband & wife, it'd be within our realm to reason according to our Adam & Eve human nature. That we must as Modern Day Christian Couples instill in each child from their birth as a male or
female. A sense of believing in who they are and what their functioning Role is for them to be played-out within our natural WORLD. We used to be in that kind of a mind-set as America's Parents!!! Why is it that we've abandoned 'This Moral Principle' shamefully Today? Why even some of our "Songs" acknowledge an abandonment of Family Ethics!
Why aren't we as 7th Millennial 1st decade New Age Christians, as we should be; aware of real American music, still -- songs with "spoken" words in lyrics that speak right to the question of gender, like...When I grow-up will I be handsome as relating to a male child and for a female child will I be beautiful?? Words relating to why we as boys or girls are,
at least we are within natural boy & girl--relationships---we're infatuated then drawn together by an opposite in sex attraction equality. Boy, girl it'd be instilled in children from their Cradle. Being Great-Grand-Parents we are experiencing that kind of child rearing of three girls and one boy within our Home...And more likely than not they'll too (unlike only one
of our girls) they to be understanding that there was no, is no, nor will there ever be any Favoritism, a child--boy or girl--within our own family structuring though our one and only son (Last Born) be out-numbered...
Neither our boy or anyone of our 3 girls (we've Understood) deserving or requiring more or less attention in Love as only one thought she did. So because of our Stance we had to Endure so-many -- let's just say
"Hardships" while raising her -- our # 2 daughter -- in our Family's very own "Structuring"!!! It seems, at least it must have seemed to her, that we'd never be able to meet her Higher Expectations of what she might have thought was required of us as being, her Christian Parents also...Sadly because of her being so-darn-defiant she has instilled in her own
son & daughter even as of TODAY that we're non-caring grand-parents. Today they don't care to keep in contact with us, sadly. Surely it being only because she did instill in them, her kind of Attitude that we could care-less about their future's welfare. This is so-not-true and as a matter of Fact it really is so darn "Hurtful" for us to know that any-one of our
children would instill such thoughts of us not caring for one of our very own. When we care for the welfare of all Children or we wouldn't go-on trying to reach Christian families in America and all around the entire Globe World with the fact that Christmas-day-is-the-Holiest-day in each A.D. Year.  Ever since Christ Jesus was given birth through his mother Mary's womb on a Christmas Evening nearly 202 decades ago in God's time frame. His birth was our 1st and only "Sign" given to us of God's Government and rule being set in motion on our God's Creation of our Home Planet Earth as "FORETOLD" by an "OLD TESTAMENT PROPHET." An Old Testament star gazer Isaiah! (Isa. 9:6 & 7) Christ's LIFE given to "All" of mankind to mimic in Character. His birth is a Joyous Reminder being the greatest of Love gift's from God to Humanity since Creation.